How BIE Works

Allergy relief naturally

BIE (BioEnergetic Intolerance Elimination) is a powerful new scientific approach that enables one’s body to recognize allergenic substances, allowing for complete recovery of all associated allergy symptoms, without the use of needles or drugs.

The term “Allergy” is defined by medical science as an abnormal reaction to a substance that is usually considered harmless resulting in an immune system response. However, it is essentially a case of mistaken identity. When the body encounters harmful foreign invaders such as bacteria, viruses toxins and parasites, it naturally will attack and destroy these invading pathogens. However, harmless substances such as pollens, dusts, grasses, animal danders, molds, foods etc. are mistaken for harmful invaders and rejected by the body by means of the immune system or other metabolic processes.

A Holistic Allergist, uses a new definition of allergy: “A bioenergetic counteraction to a given substance resulting in pathology”. If any two charged objects are placed together, the energies should either attract or detract. The energies between the body and a given substance MUST attract or “resonate” otherwise a reaction will occur.

Energy runs through the body in pathways called “meridians”. It is through these bio-energetic meridians that the brain and nervous system receive information about the state and functioning of the body as a whole. Modern electro magnetic imaging devices and radioactive tracer isotopes have confirmed the presence of these pathways.

Energy controls every metabolic process, including biochemical changes that occur within the cells. Energy controls the utilization of nutritional substances, the functioning of all body systems including the immune system.

All cells are capable of receiving a countless number of frequencies that are stored within the cytoplasm of each cell, which in turn, consists of H2O.

Hydrogen in the cells holds the electromagnetic charges, then, the cellular memory is stored within the DNA of each cell. Water molecules surrounding cellular DNA absorb, recall and transmit healing frequencies to their surroundings. Every disease state and pathogen has its associated harmonic and disharmonic frequencies.

Cellular saturation occurs when there is electromagnetic disruption to a cell (through trauma, candida, stress, etc.) it will allow the electro magnetic frequency of a substance that should not enter to enter through the cellular membrane. The cell then fills with water to quarantine the foreign substance. The electrical charge for that substance has filled the cell and any further introduction of charge from it will result in an adverse reaction somewhere in the body. The cell cannot tolerate further charge and will repel this like charge.

When the body’s cells are reprogrammed using the synchrometer to recognize and accept substances as friendly, they will release the excess water in the cell, eliminating the substance with it.

The Synchrometer is a lightweight state-of-the-art device is used to transmit a low electronic frequency directly onto various acupressure points (without the use of needles) on the body to stimulate and clear any blockages in energy. During this procedure the client is exposed to the allergenic frequencies of substances stored in glass vials. While the blockages are clearing, the body’s cells adapt to recognize the allergen’s frequency. When this non-invasive and painless procedure is complete, the body will no longer see the allergen or intolerance as a threat when exposed to it, therefore no longer producing any adverse reactions.